The life of @

Once upon a time there was a Little @.

It was born in fame and lived in the biggest castle of the earth known to the rest of us as the “Internet”.

Little @ had everything it could possibly wish and hope for: Friends, money and the attention of everyone. Everybody loved Little @ and it’s wishes and dreams would always come true. It went out partying every weekend with it’s friends the slash “/” and the underscore “_”.  They were often spotted smoking expensive cigars outside the casino and spending their gambling wins on whiskey, cognac and girls.

Happiness didn’t last.

But after a while people got used to Little @ and nobody thought that it was special any longer. Some said that other symbols came along (like the #) which were simply younger and far more sexy than now middle-aged @.

Then some years passed. Little @ is now alone. Wherever it goes, people shout: “SPAM”! It’s previously round and happy face is now all swollen and puffed-up from substance abuse. It’s dreams suffocated from the disappointing realities of life. It’s hopes drowned by the betrayal of it’s so called friends.

In it’s depression and loneliness it has turned to hard drugs. Spiraling down into a world of rape and abuse until finally dying alone from neglect and a broken heart in a cheap motel room.

The End.


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