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Fly you fools!


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#Starbucks accused of handing over customers first names to the #NSA

According to former employee and whistle-blower Aikaterini Papidophilious, Starbucks is handing over customers names to the NSA. Starbucks declined to comment, but insiders confirmed Starbucks unhealthy appetite for BigData (or “VentiData” as they call it internally). Staff at the company … Continue reading

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#Infographic guru wanted. Working in your pyjamas or underwear from home OK!

HIRING: looking for a graphic designer who can make some infographics illustrating that infographics are overrated and useless. Remote work OK! I will pay in peanuts or bananas depending on preference. Please contact me on twitter for further information.

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Swimming with hairy #dolphins in the South of France #FlipperVsLassie

Scientists agree that the psychological benefit from swimming with dolphins, an activity that became popular among hippies in the 60ies was “way overrated”. According to latest research the same pleasure can be gained by swimming with dogs. If anything, dogs … Continue reading

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Stallman and Assange rally for better photograph of Snowden

Stallmann and Assange too are now rallying for a better picture of Snowden … The same picture has been reused over and over by news media, for far too long. According to sources from the Guardian, a new picture is … Continue reading

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So long and thanks for all the Phish! 1&1 really knows about security …

1&1 Germany is now sending emails to their users informing them that the bank account number changed and new account number is Commerzbank AG, Kto.-Nr.: 630 148 502 BLZ: 200 400 00 … “All future invoices should be transferred to … Continue reading

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