Swimming with hairy #dolphins in the South of France #FlipperVsLassie

swimming_with_dogsScientists agree that the psychological benefit from swimming with dolphins, an activity that became popular among hippies in the 60ies was “way overrated”.

According to latest research the same pleasure can be gained by swimming with dogs. If anything, dogs are more fun because they act similar and feel just like hairy dolphins, but less annoying.

Swimming with dogs became popular during the financial crisis after 2007. Rich people who traditionally flocked to Miami, Belize, Mexico or Australia to swim with dolphins, were forced to scale down on their holiday budgets and could no longer afford the steep fees of dolphinariums.

Brian Sullivan, a now unemployed plumber from London, UK said that: “I used to take my ex-wife all the way to Western Australia to splash around with dolphins. It’s very spiritual because all of gods creations are in one thing: A fish-like animal that’s actually a mammal with nipples and it screeches like a bird. You don’t get that everyday!” He also added: “But now I can get the same amount of fun for a fraction of the price just by bathing with my Labradoodle in a local quarry but without the jet-lag!”, Brian added. “Also Labradoodles really are 2 dogs in one animal (labrador+poodle), so it’s even a bit spiritual!”

According to Dr. Brubecker a leading researcher on the subject, the satisfaction and learning that we experience while swimming with dogs also helps to treat depression in humans.

There has also been a proliferation of dogginariums around the world despite the fierce protest of cat lovers who are upset that dogs are getting all the attention.

Some beach communities in France, which were until recently strictly off-limit to dogs during busy summer months, have started to offer a “hairy-dolphin-experience ” to tourists.

Monsieur Christian Estrosi prominent Major of the cash-strapped community of Nice, France is a big supporter of the hairy-dolphin movement. He said that he was “glad that local communes found another source of revenues which his government could tax.” He also promised to build the biggest dogginarium in the world by 2090 as a statement about “the French and their love for dogs”. Merde! This is great news for dog lovers!


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