RedTube pixelates all content by default and becomes #1 provider in Japan

Brits last week decided to place individuals on a public list for watching porn in order to crack down on the habit. Meanwhile sites such as RedTube, accused of promoting copyrighted material to users, are fighting back. RedTube is now censoring all their content under a pre-emptive measure to fight both porn and copyright.

How this is even possible Alex Taylor from RedTube explained to us:

“Japanese porn is by default heavily pixelated, so when we’ve decided to pixelate all content we immediately became the #1 content provider in Japan and for the Japanese genre. This has translated into fantastic growth, and as a side-effect none of our content is any longer deemed unsuitable for UK families.”


Kevin Rudd, a 27 yro computer programmer who is married to a Japanese and living in London told us that RedTube is one of the few sites which really know how to innovate and turn this crisis into an opportunity. Mr. Rudd says he even appreciates the increased pixelation because this was how he imagined Japanese women would look like “down there”. He realised only later, after seeing his wife naked for the first time during sex, that pixelation was missing.

“Censorship has therefore brought back some interesting feelings & desires I fondly remember from the days prior becoming intimate with my wife” -Rudd added …. “It’s how I innocently pictured Japanese women before finding out the hairy truth. RedTube has managed to bring that memory and magic back to me!” he confessed.

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