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Better productivity through circle-jerks and cluster-f*$%s

Before Agile became popular, middle-management was a happy bunch. They got to present their agendas in front of a large audience. Pointing with a stick to emphasize bullets from a presentation or creating buzzwords gave them a fantastic ego-boost. Most … Continue reading

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Microsoft Office paperclip (aka. ‘Clippy’) joins group of whistle-blowers

A group of five intelligence specialists – William Binney, Thomas Drake, Edward Loomis, Kirk Wiebe and the Microsoft Office paperclip (aka “Clippy”), who worked at the NSA for a total of 151 years, -most of them at senior levels, have … Continue reading

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On the road with DyslexicAtheist (tripping through Europe)

Today I rented a Citroen C3 to drive the route Monaco->Milan->Zurich->Munich. I never drove a Citroen before – Expectations neutral. I searched for #infotainment and found the only entertainment being the windscreen wipers. Driving is not much fun in this … Continue reading

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#Delphi programming ‘job opportunity’ probably hoax

Today a job opportunity for a “Delphi developer” has suddenly surfaced on social networks. The Delphi programming language was assumed extinct since 2002. Spotting a job for Delphi developers in the wild would therefore be an extremely rare event, experts … Continue reading

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Higgs-Boson particle found in womans handbag

Several new varieties of the Higgs-Boson particles have been discovered inside the handbag of Anna Recksiek, a Human Resource officer at CERN. Mrs Recksiek was about to leave the facility and got flagged when going through a routine security check … Continue reading

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A new programming language: LW-{

After watching some French perfume adverts I’ve become inspired to create a new functional programming language which is both Turing-complete and sentinent. It’s called “LW-{” The name “LW-{” is short for “Larry Wall’s moustache” and pronounced “Larry Wall’s moustache”. But … Continue reading

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James Iry’s history of programming languages (illustrated with pictures and large fonts)

–This post is a tribute to James Iry’s fantastic One Div Zero blog.

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Interesting lifehacks: Use a wooden spoon to block part of your screen

While the benefit of the wooden spoon may not be immediately obvious to the novice user, the concept is now hailed the ‘next big thing’ in software development. Early adopters have been tinkering with some creative use-cases. Most users first … Continue reading

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IETF Call for Papers: Self Help Group for Routers and Switches

Every time a router sees IP packets containing words like #‎swag or #‎yolo it cries out in pain. And Tim Berners-Lee sheds a tear! Maybe this sounds like a joke, but those ubiquitous and usually ignored devices handling our daily … Continue reading

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