A new programming language: LW-{

After watching some French perfume adverts I’ve become inspired to create a new functional programming language which is both Turing-complete and sentinent. It’s called “LW-{

The name “LW-{” is short for “Larry Wall’s moustache” and pronounced “Larry Wall’s moustache”. But with a French accent.


To make LW-{ appealing to the LISP and AI crowd, its grammar consists entirely of curly braces (called moustaches), making it both lightweight and minimalistic.

Syntax is controlled purely by white-space and indentation. This idea was taken from Python and makes LW-{ readable for non programmers (keeping the learn2code initiative in mind). In fact code is so easy that you can even discuss it with people such as tech-recruiters, HR folk and Agile coaches – all those oblivious about ‘the art of programming’.

Not wanting to repeat the hideous crimes of Rasmus Lerdorf on poor documentation, LW-{ makes documentation redundant! This post *is* the documentation (troff formatted version of this post will follow).


  1. provide a pre-processor which generates LW-{ sources directly from Powerpoint
  2. Make any attempt of source level documentation a compile error
  3. Support for Asshole Driven Development (ADD) and Complaint Driven Development (CDD)
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2 Responses to A new programming language: LW-{

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  2. segmation says:

    Nice and realistic moustaches! Thanks for making my day!


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