#Delphi programming ‘job opportunity’ probably hoax

Today a job opportunity for a “Delphi developer” has suddenly surfaced on social networks. The Delphi programming language was assumed extinct since 2002. Spotting a job for Delphi developers in the wild would therefore be an extremely rare event, experts agree.

Information security and malware researchers are still investigating whether the job announcement (which meanwhile has gone viral) is a harmless hoax or possibly even a virus targeting elderly unemployed Delphi developers.

delphiMany programmers who failed to jump onto the .NET or Java bandwagon, and stuck with the language during the late 90ies, remain upbeat. Marcy, a retired Delphi programmer from Boston, MA told us: “When I read the news in this mornings paper, I immediately started flipping through my Rolodex and called all my old colleagues on their telephones. Those of us who are still around are simply thrilled.”

If the position really is genuine, it could imply a revival of long forgotten projects. Especially single-user and network-unaware desktop applications would benefit. Cloud-computing firms would have most to lose. Also stock prices of several companies specializing in IDE’s for bloatware have soared since the news broke.

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