Standing desks may be linked to skinny legs

Manufacturers claim standing desks will make you more productive and are healthier than when sitting all day.


We conducted some long running tests to find whether there was truth in these claims. This is what we found …


1) several of our test subjects who exclusively used standing desks showed that prolonged use will cause extremely skinny legs (ESL):

leg1 leg2 leg3 leg4 leg5 2) In offices where standing desks have become rampant, people who remain seated found the view onto their colleagues “nether regions” somewhat distracting.

3) On the upside this drastically reduces employees viewing Internet porn sites during work hours.

4) Many who remained seated complained that looking at their colleagues constant shifting of weight from one foot to the other, gave them a constant urge to pee. Utility bills for water+toilet paper often increase.

5) Employees who had spent all day “thinking on their feet” complained about unusual fatigue. This we found is linked to lack of blood available to the brain after prolonged standing. Luckily it can be solved using a cement mixer (in fact mixers are now offered as part of the package by several vendors when ordering >10 desks)

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