GuiltFox: Well, This Is Embarrassing!

Firefox v29 is telling me +10x/day how “embarrassed” he is. Wonder if there may be psychological issues, as the underlying cause of these sporadic crashes?


Why all this repressed guilt and constant confessions? … Like some Catholic altar boy who hit puberty too early and is developing an unhealthy attachment to his crusty socks? Was it my fault? Have I been too liberal and exposed him to too much porn in his innocent earlier versions?

doggieOr are developers and W3C to blame and he was simply not ready to have all this HTML5 dumped on him?

Please Mozilla, even he is acting all grown-up now, there is something seriously wrong with our child lately.

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One Response to GuiltFox: Well, This Is Embarrassing!

  1. Anonymous says:

    It is a new feature–I no longer have to hack my way out to a Windows reboot prompt–it crashes all by itself.


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