A new Christian Dating Service: altarboy.io

altarboyDyslexicAtheist has set up a funding request on kickstarter for a dating service called “altarboy.io“, aimed exclusively at conservative Christians.

While other services such as Friendscout24.de, Parship.com or Meetic.com are targeting the mainstream audience, altarboy.io is luring those who prefer to only hook up with people from their own faith.

Some of the features central to altarboy.io will be:

  • a “confession-chat” which lets anyone participate in a “priest & altar-boy” role-play.
  • a google-like video “hang-out” called “fondle“, which allows abuse “victims” to monetize on their past experience by explaining their encounters in graphic detail to paying subscribers. (“fondlers” can get credit or free life-time membership if they manage to convince the victim that they actually liked their experience and convert them into fondlers).
  • an online multi-player game called “exorcism” where the devil is removing the priest from the child.
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