Cloud Computing to be embraced by the Catholic Church

cloud computingPope Francis, a fearless reformer (and in his spare time) also passionate Open Source evangelist, has recently hinted that the Catholic church needs to be more technology conscious in order to benefit from the recent revolution in Cloud Computing.

There is a lot of potential which has so far been largely ignored by the church, industry analysts like IDG & Gartner claim.

Inside the Vatican there are rumours of “a revolution” taking places. A whole new range of ideas are in the works and planned to be rolled out over the next months:

  1. Confession as a Service (CaaS),
  2. Eucharist as a Service (EaaS) which is also internally known as “Setting a Cookie”.
  3. vTheology: virtual Theology which offers a platform to safely test new concepts before rolling them out to the masses.

pope francis on cloud computingThe pontifex argues it was in fact the Catholic church who popularized the idea of putting more trust into a “service provider”, already 1600 years ago. So for the church the “Cloud” is not new at all.

“Also the term virualization has its roots in religion.”, the holy father recently lamented during the OpenStack workshop: “Lest we not forget, for our existence on earth is only of virtual context. There are much greater things outside of this existence we can not possible grasp to understand.”


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