Combating writers block

writers blockWriters Block: Recent scientific findings on the subject aside, the most effective treatment remains an old Russian home-remedy. Many thanks to my dear friend Rodnya Raskolnikov, who shared this insight with me many years ago.

It works like this: Read some classic Russian literature (or just “literature” as the locals there call it). Anything will do, but I personally suggest Dostoevsky’s “Crime & Punishment”, or Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina”. Read it to somebody you love. If you don’t have anyone and nobody loves you, then read it to yourself. Now, … carefully collect their (or/and your own) tears in an empty glass. After each chapter mix what you collected with vodka (no ice).  Drink!

This works like a miracle according to Rodnya. Rodnya must know since he suffered from writers block all his life. Come to think of it, … the useless drunk never published anything!


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2 Responses to Combating writers block

  1. Simon Hembra says:

    You’re an evil, evil person.


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