Learning Python the “hard” way

so my GF is a network engineer and OSI model. But she never was much interested in programming. She gets far more aroused reading her 3GPP specs. Wondering how to get her interested in programming, I resorted to some guerrilla tactics:

While in bed with her we often talk dirty which is a perfect opportunity to throw in the occasional word and say: “Python” …  I won’t go into specifics in order to keep this post PG rated.  But referring to your “little general” as “Python” during intercourse, and then afterwards emphasizing that “Python is no longer hard” made her somehow associate Python with pleasure & fun. We also have a safe word which is “OOP”, but we never used it so far.

My next step was to leave several copies of the book “Learning Python the Hard way” lying around the house. And before I knew it she started reading it in her bathrobe and hot underwear.

python_the_hard_wayNow that she worked through the book we have come up with an idea for an app called BonR which we’ll code together (in Python). In a nutshell it’s an app for souncloud.

It creates perfect playlists for the bedroom. It uses text2speech and reads out the user-submitted comments on a track while the song is playing. This is fantastically motivating during sex.

Generally listening to music during sex is fantastic. I personally prefer live albums. That way there is an applause every 3 to 4 mins.

All this has worked great for me, only embarrassing thing is that recently I also get boners at the office during Python pair-programming sessions.

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