Olatunkboh Prosper Goodluck

Nigerian Prince

I’ve been receiving lot of mails from this Nigerian prince lately – Olatunkboh Prosper Goodluck. He promised to help me turn my life around. His spelling and grammar blows, I admit. But you can’t judge a man SOLELY ON HIS PREFERENCE FOR WRITING IN CAPS-LOCK? After all he is a prince, so his voice always carries lot of weight. And has anyone actually seen a Nigerian keyboard layout to confirm Caps-Lock isn’t just optional?

I could certainly use some financial help!  After investing in a penis enlargement and spending the last remainder of my savings on a Viagra shipment, times have become very hard!

The best things in life are free, … newsletters, …. googling tiny animal penises on Bing, … advise from people on Reddit, …), but you can’t live on this forever. So yes dear friend Olatunkboh Prosper Goodluck, your heart is big, I will also promise to help you with $100,-

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