The 6 best songs to masturbate to

Some people would masturbate to anything. I’m quite picky, … so here my 6 favourite self-juicing tunes:

#6 – “Come Together”, by the Beatles

#5 – a classic self asphyxiation tune: “The trick is to keep breathing”, by Garbage:

#4 – great when you’re into alter boys or religion has fucked you up in one way or another. “It’s a sin”, by Pet Shop Boys:

#3 – “Dancing with Myself”, by Billy Idol

#2 – an ode to our gadgets: “With a little help from my friends”, by Joe Cocker

#1 – “Don’t stop me now”, by Queen

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2 Responses to The 6 best songs to masturbate to

  1. Ever since this version of this song first entered Billboard Magazine’s HOT 100 back in November 1976, the month I turned 13-years old this has been one of the songs that get my juices flowing to self-love or masturbate too, and that’s not just because of the often misheard lyric out of then lead singer and lead guitarist of Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, Chris Hamlet Thompson. Although originally from The Boss, I don’t think The Boss’ version I could ever use for masturbation purposes, but “Blinded By The Light” under Manfred Mann and his Earth Band was perfect and in the album version at just over seven minutes with that long guitar solo out of Dave Flett it allows a good amount of time to explore more and more and for some breathing techniques (yes, as a teenaged boy and man, I had and have had multiple orgasms while masturbating to the album version):

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  2. iamaslutgirl says:

    I prefer to rub my pussy to erotic stories in the form of printed words, and occasionally by watching porno clips. Also, by being an exhibitionist in public places! That’s always HOT!

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