Pitbull: my deepest, most thought provoking​ lyrics explained

Today we interviewed Pitbull, our most favourite Latino artist. A lot of people don’t get him. We talked to him to give you a better glimpse of the man behind Mr. Worldwide.

And he is most likely our generations most misunderstood and hated male performer (besides J. Biber).  Haters gonna hate, and dissing on his music.

But what they don’t know: Pitbull is suffering from a rare form of Tourette Syndrome which makes him shout out the words Miami, Party, Mama & Club for no reason. I wish people could see beyond that when listening to his tunes.

[DA]: So Pitbull, can you walk us through some of the selected lines of your most popular lyrics and tell us a little more?

[Pitbull]: Miami!


[Pitbull]: “hotel” perfectly rhymes with “motel”. And I was at a hotel when I wrote the lyrics. It adds depth and meaning to the song. 

I wish my 2 favourite words, “Miami” and “Party” would rhyme. But that doesn’t work so well.  

We worked hard to come up with these lyrics. I think it paid off. Party. Now let’s party. (Miami)


[Pitbull]: Some of my finest work right there. Sorry I forgot what it all means. I’m Mr. worldwide.  It’s international love. Miami.


[Pitbull]: That’s just how I roll … in da club, in Miami with my Mami at the Party. Mr. 305.


[Pitbull]: I don’t know why I wrote that Jesse. But, … the words, the rhymes, the feeling, … The Party. It just like something that must be said. Miami. Party.


[Pitbull]: If you wonder about my success with the opposite sex, here is how I hit on girls 😉 😉 Miami. Miami. Party.


[Pitbull]: What I really want to say with this is that constipation is a serious issue for me. On the upside I get a lot of inspiration for my songs while in the bathroom. The inspiration just plops out of me.

Once I need an enema. Now I have more fiber in my diet. Maybe I’ll try prunes. Miami.

Last time on the toilet I did 2 very hard sudokus. OK that was euphemism.


[Pitbull]: … random locations, people, and words that pop into my shaved head. Lucky I always immediately write them down.


[Pitbull]: She makes wine? What does that even mean? I don’t know! Though it’s good it’s deep. It’s thought provoking. Taxi.

Love — Pitbull (follow me here to Party: https://twitter.com/pitbull)

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