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Confessions from the Sex life of a Network Engineer

My girlfriend is an OSI model. She always dresses in exactly 7 layers. I specialize on the physical layer. She likes that. Even it’s the most difficult layer to debug, it’s nice to be so close to the hardware. She … Continue reading

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IETF Call for Papers: Self Help Group for Routers and Switches

Every time a router sees IP packets containing words like #‎swag or #‎yolo it cries out in pain. And Tim Berners-Lee sheds a tear! Maybe this sounds like a joke, but those ubiquitous and usually ignored devices handling our daily … Continue reading

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Voice-over-Vodka (VoDKA) to bring new streams of revenue for mobile operators

According to research conducted at the York University, Canada, scientists have found a way to send text messages through Vodka [1][2]. Researchers claim the system could one day fill gaps where wireless technology fails. Meanwhile “Absolut”, a Swedish vodka distiller … Continue reading

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