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Newsflash: Polish plumbers learn about UNIX pipes and flood UK tech market.

meanwhile London based Software engineers are taking Polish accent lessons in order to compete with the new wave of migrants. UKIP says this needs to stop as the UK is already so full of foreigners that every time someone steps … Continue reading

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Microsoft Office paperclip (aka. ‘Clippy’) joins group of whistle-blowers

A group of five intelligence specialists – William Binney, Thomas Drake, Edward Loomis, Kirk Wiebe and the Microsoft Office paperclip (aka “Clippy”), who worked at the NSA for a total of 151 years, -most of them at senior levels, have … Continue reading

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On the road with DyslexicAtheist (tripping through Europe)

Today I rented a Citroen C3 to drive the route Monaco->Milan->Zurich->Munich. I never drove a Citroen before – Expectations neutral. I searched for #infotainment and found the only entertainment being the windscreen wipers. Driving is not much fun in this … Continue reading

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Interesting lifehacks: Use a wooden spoon to block part of your screen

While the benefit of the wooden spoon may not be immediately obvious to the novice user, the concept is now hailed the ‘next big thing’ in software development. Early adopters have been tinkering with some creative use-cases. Most users first … Continue reading

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Glenn Greenwald #30c3 #CCCen keynote speech (ft. Thamsanqa Jantjie)

Yesterday in Hamburg, Glenn Greenwald gave an astounding, must-watch keynote address to the gathered hackers at the 30th Chaos Communications Congress, or 30C3. Greenwald criticized the state of current encryption tools, which while fine for tech-savy hackers, presented too steep … Continue reading

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Voice-over-Vodka (VoDKA) to bring new streams of revenue for mobile operators

According to research conducted at the York University, Canada, scientists have found a way to send text messages through Vodka [1][2]. Researchers claim the system could one day fill gaps where wireless technology fails. Meanwhile “Absolut”, a Swedish vodka distiller … Continue reading

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