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How many roads must a man walk down?

a very ambiguous question. Unless the man knows his destination, finding an answer becomes an exercise which is non-deterministic polynomial-time hard and cannot be solved without studying the problem and the man deeper. First of all it depends where he wants to go and how … Continue reading

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Linux from Scratch entering the cloud market

The Linux from Scratched (LFS) project has decided to jump on the cloud bandwagon by providing a lightweight (non bloated) IaaS alternative to CloudStack, OpenCloud and Eucalyptus. This project will be known as COSaaS (Couple of Shell Scripts as a Service) and the … Continue reading

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Rooting for Kim Kardashians ass

Imagine you’re a tree in 2014. You lived for nearly 500+ years. As you slowly age you start wondering how your life may eventually end: Maybe you’ll carry the written word of famous man. Possibly the next Shakespeare, Poe, Hemingway, Orwell, … … Continue reading

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The dream which made me reconsider Java

as a fan of C, Python and Perl I have always dismissed Java. For 20 years in fact. Until yesterday! This is what happened: As I was waiting for the compilation of the latest kernel to finish, I was browsing some … Continue reading

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Cloud Computing to be embraced by the Catholic Church

Pope Francis, a fearless reformer (and in his spare time) also passionate Open Source evangelist, has recently hinted that the Catholic church needs to be more technology conscious in order to benefit from the recent revolution in Cloud Computing. There … Continue reading

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The ultimate PMS survival guide (for gals and guys)

Jokes about Psychotic Mood Shifts (PMS) aren’t funny. Period. Even less so when you’ve run low on chocolate, preventing you from setting off on a Perpetual Munching Spree around the house.   So if you’re facing the dilemma of having … Continue reading

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Croatian soccer team Rocks Out With their Cocks Out

DyslexicAtheist has pictures of the Croatian Team who just unexpectedly won against Cameroon. Pictures are from an earlier party, right after they lost their first game against Brazil. I’m not entirely sure what to make of these images, … but … Continue reading

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imported Alphabet Soup causes Dyslexia in German children

So many people keep asking me: “DyslexicAtheist, are you really dyslexic?” I guess it started already when I was a kid. My parents noticed that there was something wrong because I’d always rearrange the letters in the alphabet soup the … Continue reading

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Confessions from the Sex life of a Network Engineer

My girlfriend is an OSI model. She always dresses in exactly 7 layers. I specialize on the physical layer. She likes that. Even it’s the most difficult layer to debug, it’s nice to be so close to the hardware. She … Continue reading

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‘Doing’ the dishes with @DyslexicAtheist

That moment when you put dirty dishes in the washer next to the fresh cleaned ones …? There are several ways to handle such a crisis. But remembering to stay calm is most important to prevent the worst. Follow these … Continue reading

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Standing desks may be linked to skinny legs

Manufacturers claim standing desks will make you more productive and are healthier than when sitting all day. We conducted some long running tests to find whether there was truth in these claims. This is what we found … Effects/Side-Effects: 1) … Continue reading

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Motivational Tips: How to get back into shape

You’ve probably been there: a new job, a new baby, an injury, life happens, and you find yourself taking a long break from drinking. When you finally begin going out again, your body just doesn’t feel right – your head … Continue reading

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Microsoft Office paperclip (aka. ‘Clippy’) joins group of whistle-blowers

A group of five intelligence specialists – William Binney, Thomas Drake, Edward Loomis, Kirk Wiebe and the Microsoft Office paperclip (aka “Clippy”), who worked at the NSA for a total of 151 years, -most of them at senior levels, have … Continue reading

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#Delphi programming ‘job opportunity’ probably hoax

Today a job opportunity for a “Delphi developer” has suddenly surfaced on social networks. The Delphi programming language was assumed extinct since 2002. Spotting a job for Delphi developers in the wild would therefore be an extremely rare event, experts … Continue reading

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Higgs-Boson particle found in womans handbag

Several new varieties of the Higgs-Boson particles have been discovered inside the handbag of Anna Recksiek, a Human Resource officer at CERN. Mrs Recksiek was about to leave the facility and got flagged when going through a routine security check … Continue reading

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